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building trusted brands
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discover and communicate your Why
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direction and production in video, photography and design
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Brand narrative and and storytelling forms the basis of our creative approach.
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digital ads, paid search, social media, SEO

Commonground - building trusted brands

 Build trust by developing your brand, identifying brand values and characteristics, and developing new creative that drives communication, marketing and campaigning. With over two decades of experience we are professionals who care deeply about our craft. Whether it’s corporate, a local enterprise or not-for-profit organisation, let's work together and build trusted brands.

Our Services

Brand Development

Brand is about Trust. Brand Development is about building trusted brands, and really defining your business. It’s about who you are, what you stand for and why you exist. We design Brand Identities, develop value propositions and flesh out Who you are.

Creative Production

We provide creative direction and production through video, photography and storytelling to communicate your brand with integrity and authenticity. Whether it's a testimonial, a brand film or videos, photoshoot, ad or cinematic short-film - we've got you covered.

Digital Marketing

We help with your digital marketing, search, paid advertising and SEO ... expanding your online presence and driving sustainable business growth.

A little bit about us ...

Commonground develops trusted brands with a unique approach that is builds on the commonalities between people as the driving factor for change. Through our comprehensive services in brand development and creative production we help our clients communicate their brands and build trust with clients, partners and supporters.

The Team

Christoph, Founder and Director

As Founder and Creative Director, Christoph has more than 15 years of experience in brand and creative development, initiating ideas and implementing strategies through award winning campaigns.

Janie, Analyst and Strategist

Originally a crime analyst from the UK, Janie is an analyst and strategist, delivering data-driven campaigns that continually grown supporter and customer engagement.

Amy, Director and Producer

As director and producer Amy oversees the production of video projects, generating concepts and working with crew and talents to deliver on the creative brief.

Jason, Photographer

Coming from a fine-art background, Jason has been creating cinematically inspired work through the photographic medium for over 15 years, realising strong visions and campaign concepts.

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